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My opinion upon visiting Egypt After 6 years of being away..

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DISCLAIMER: I am not racist, and I do not hate on people in Egypt. However, truth can hurt and there is no running away from this fact.

** NB: Story based upon a 2 month stay in Egypt, so I am not stereotyping. **

I have never lived in Egypt in the first place, however I have family there and I used to visit 2 times a year.

In the last 6 years, I was busy taking my Bachelors and Masters degree from the UK so I didn't have the time to visit Egypt. However, I had the chance to visit for 2 month before I can start work, and I have to say that I was not impressed at all.

I am 21 years old, and people my age usually have hobbies or stuff to do in their lives. I went to a club next to my house called Wady Degla and I had a chat with many guys and girls over there and just listening to them gets me sad about the situation of the youth community in Egypt.

Excuses. That's the main conclusion I got. The best thing they do is to give excuses for shit! "I don't have a hobby because I am fat", someone told me. Really? Fat? Is that a viable excuse? "I spend 90% of my free time sitting in coffee shops", someone else told me. Sitting in coffee shops are fine, but 90% of your free time? The most stupid excuse I have heard was this; "I am too busy studying, that I do not have anything else to do". Now let's get this out of the way for a second, I studied Engineering and took a Masters in Construction Project Management in the UK, and I still had all the time to go out and have fun and do various stuff in my life. Engineering is one of the toughest schools to get into, let alone presist in it, and coming from the UK, their system is extremely hard compared to any University in Egypt.

The girls too, OMG! Seriously, what is wrong with you? There is not ONE girl I have met in my 2 month stay that has a "real" goal in life. "My life-time dream is to see Zayne Malik or Justine Bieber", "My life-time dream is to have a lot of money and not work and not do much effort in life", "My life-time dream is to have the biggest make-up shit collection"


Your "life-time dream"? Really? Is that what your life-time dream is? I haven't met a single girl who actually has a successful dream or any of that. It hurts to see this! if I wanna get married, will I really choose one of those shallow minded girls? No!

I know not all girls are like this, and most probably there are many girls who do have viable dreams, but again that was just my experience.

A huge thing I also discovered, people judge you for ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING. I am a Muslim, but I do have a tattoo on my arms surrounding my biceps. "Tattoos are HARAM!!" a girl told me once. I simply looked at her and said, "A hijab should cover your full hair and not half of it, your shirt shouldn't be that tight that i can clearly see your fucking nipples popping out, and you are supposed to cover your arms, and finally you shoul not wear a tight jeans that show your ass. Don't talk to me about Haram, tell yourself first". She stood up, cried and left. Really? Call me an asshole for being real and honest, but I HATE hypocrisy.

The youth community in Egypt will never change if they were never faced with truth like this. It seems like people are so fast in judging others, while they themselves have lots and lots of imperfections. People don't have a real goal in life and they blame it on the country. WTF? Oh oh, something else as well, this is for you guys, it is EXTREMELY rude and inappropriate to talk about your sexual acts with your girlfriends with your friends. This is absolutely disprespectful to the girl that trusted you, and it is as bad as leaking her nude images, which happens too according to what I hear from other people.

Stop blaming the country or the president(lol) for YOUR own bullshit behavior and primitive minds. Your failure in your life is YOUR doing, not anyone elses. I do know there is corruption in the country, but stop using this as an empty excuse for your own failures.

Sorry for the long post, and sorry for any spelling errors as I was typing this fast and with a little bit of frustration, and cmon who has the time to go back and check what was written. Get a life!

Have a great day everyone, peace! .

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    and clearly, girls and guys in all the other countries in the world are not vain nor meeting Zayn Malik isn't one of their dreams! mate, please you can't make a statement like this from the 6-7 kids you talked to in a very expensive club like the one you mentioned with their parents money they probably don't even give a damn about anything and this kind of people exist everywhere in the world. i recall when we lived in the states for my dad's work few years ago all my sister friends were vain as this and all they cared about was One Direction and Selena Gomez so does this mean all american teenagers are dumb? surely not,rich boy surely not

    • First of all, if you bothered reading my first few lines, you would clearly see that I said I wasn't stereotyping and was merely talking about my experience in the 2 month stay.

      Seconf of all, I met well over 50 people in different locations and not only in the club that for some reason you call expensive as it seemed like a piece of trash to me.

      Third of all, mostly kid girls are the ones who care about the celebrities, not fully fledged 20 year olds who are almost done with college.

      Fourth of all, there are girls like this back in the UK obviously, but the ratio in Egypt is disturbingly much higher.

      Fifth of all, I am not critisizng people who love celebrities. That's totally fine ofcourse, the problem is when that person becomes their "long-life dream" for God's Sake. Just get a real life, that person won't do anything to you, what if you meet him or her? You will no longer have a dream to live for?

      Last but not least, I was trying to raise awareness of the youth community in Egypt that keep on hanging their problems on other useless bullshit other than themsleves. The first step towards a youth's change, is acknowledging their own problems.

      Thank You

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  • 17-24_f_f_h3_f3

    With due all respect, and despite you denying it but I find a ton of generalizing in this post lol and non relevancy of it to myself or any of my friends in Egypt. But maybe you just met a bunch of idiots, that's all

    • Although that's highly unlikely, but everyone can say whatever they want. People living in Egypt know way more than I do of course, I was just stating a mere opinion to what I found out in my 2 month stay

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  • where are u from ? tell me cuz i traveled a lot and i'd like to tell u about ur own country you'll be amazed of the disadvantages i could have seen on my temporal visit. and yes its 90% chance i visited ur country.

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  • I am half Egyptian half Swedish. Been living in Kalmar, Sweden all my life but the last 6 years spent in the UK for my Bachelors and Masters.

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  • 17-24_f_w_h3_f2

    I don't know what kind of youth you've been meeting in your too short vist to judge a whole communtiy of youth in Egypt, but for your information there are a large number of inspirational informative events held here that enlight youth nowadays and a large number attend these kind of events because they strive to learn and to make a real change. Have you seen the number of young people who come to say TEDx events across universities and how they're growing in numbers. In fact if you happen to be in one of those TEDx events here you'll meet amazing youth who will inspire you so much with their goals and their perspective on everything not some spoiled kids with rich families who see their potential in money not even willing to exert a little effort for it. In universities I meet so many open minded people, yeah they are relatively fewer than those who just go with the flow, but they exist everywhere I go, they're growing in number. Extracurricular activities stand out in universities now and attract a lot of youth which is a good thing because such things make a huge difference in their lives and their way of thinking. I'm judging from my experience as a student in Cairo University, I don't see the whole situation as disastrous as you make it seem. We're definitely so much better than we were 6 years ago!

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