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Ahwaa Improvement

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first of all, i'm not an Admin, but i would like to hear your thoughts on how to improve ahwaa.. wishing admins will see this discussion and like the ideas we're going to provide.. and put them in action.

what feature do you miss the most ?
what do you think Admins should add/ remove to make ahwaa a better site ?
what difficulties do you have while browsing/using/chatting on ahwaa ?

as for me, i think we need:
1. Pin column, with the most important topics pinned on it.

2. Larger or scroll-friendly Newest topics column, because in case there're 10 new topics we would only see the latest 5.

3. chat rooms can be divided into sub-chat rooms, one of them should be *new members* chat-room, to get rid of the whole *hello i'm new here* topics.

4. Edit Option: sometimes we post discussion then we realize we missed important information and we need to add them to the topic ! (topics should be re-reviewed to prevent the whole change of subject content)

5. Delete button in comments and discussions: what if i posted some old outdated info. and then i realized my lack of knowledge and wanted to delete those info. so no one would think they're the newest/the right info?

6. Report. I've encountered 2 guys pretending they're girls (not talking about transgenders, i'm talking about straight guys) and i didn't even get the opportunity to report to the admins!

7. Mobile App: YES we need it, most people nowadays spend 90% of their time on mobile phones not on laptops.

Couldn't think of anything else, so far.
waiting your suggestions.


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