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The Gay Proof.

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i think many of you already guessed what i'm going to write about ... congrats to the Mr./Ms. who said: Asylum!

The Golden Ticket to Escape the humiliation we face everyday on our home countries... The fastest way to heaven....

for you who didn't even Hear about asylum, i posted some details about it before in my topic from the old account, the topic is called: *Your Future Vs. My Future*

and i'm sorry for referring you to another topic. but, i'm not going to re-post the same details over and over again..

Today i'm going in depth, willing to Discuss how to get a proof, that proves you're a homosexual....
BUT always remember:
- in order to obtain your human rights, you can't violate another person's rights!
- and, fabricating won't ever help your case because:
a. if anyone finds out about it, you're facing deportation and get permanently banned from re-entry

b. if no one finds out, you've taken the place of someone else who maybe needed his asylum case to be processed before you, because of an emergency!

c. you don't deserve granting your human rights if you don't have morals.
so here's how to obtain a Proof, after taking permission from all of the parties involved.

1. Chats ... don't ever delete a chat with another LGBT (except if they asked you to do so) .. those can get handy when you need a proof of sexual orientation, take 5 min of your precious time to take screen shots of those chats *specifically where you mention your sexuality* and BAM, you have a Proof!
2. Believe it or not, some European courts asked asylum seekers to show them sex tape to prove sexuality!

and while i disagree *to the moon and back* with this, i know there're some people who face *honor killing* if they stay in their home country

those, who are willing to do anything to grant asylum, if you want to provide them a tape or photo, do it
*i prefer a denied sign on my case file*
3. Threats: one of my friends has the best proof ever, her Dad threatening her through whats-app because of her sexuality.
if you're this Lucky .. book a ticket to US/UK !
4. testimonials: asylum officers know you have gay friends who would testify for you, but as long as you're honest and you're not fabricating those testimonials, don't hesitate to provide them!
5. Memberships: so you've been posting on that amazing LGBT website *Ahwaa* ? unfortunately, ahwaa doesn't show the dates of posts but shows messages dates which can be an indicator of how long you've been participating in LGBT forums.

and if you're a member in a LGBT organization .. you don't even need to read the rest of this xD

oh sorry, this is the end of it.
now, LGBT org. members are equal to non-members :P
*equality achieved* .

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    Wow I never knew you required this amount of proof of homosexuality in order to attain asylum. I think a lot of these policies like the sex tape requirement needs to change. How ridiculous and insulting. I hope everyone here can benefit from this information. Thanks Amira.

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