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Your Future Vs. My Future

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Hello everyone,

i noticed we're always talking about how we feel and who we love/admire in secret.. and that only few of us talked about the future and how to achieve the life we all dream of.

So, i'm going to add my own *path to the Dream Life*
and i'm willing to learn from all of your experiences regarding this subject.

as for me, I'm going to seek asylum in US soon, which seemed easy at first while, then after contacting many immigration/asylum attorneys, they uncovered the obstacles i'm going to face, which can be summarized into one word *the Proof*

they need a proof of:
1. Egypt crackdown on LGBT community *easy*
2. fear of being persecuted for being gay/lesbian. *moderate*
3. sexual orientation *I don't even know how to prove this*

and i think many of you thought about granting asylum, but the 3rd proof always stopped you from actually seeking asylum.

that's why, i'm sharing my thoughts on how to obtain the 3rd proof (of sexual orientation):

all of these are my own ideas, so i'm not even sure if they're going to grant me asylum or not, i'm waiting till i gather all of these *supposed-to-be-evidences* and then i'll send them to attorneys to make sure that they can serve as a Proof

>> all of those were obtained after taking permission of the involved parties <<
1. screen shots from Facebook chats with LGBT friends.(Done)
2. screen shots from Messages here on ahwaa with a friend of mine. (Done)
3. screen shots from WhatsApp and iMessage. (Done)

4. getting testimonials from LGBT friends about my sexual orientation >>video and written with contact info included<< (in Progress)
5. photos>> not willing to go that far xD

anyway, if anyone have an idea to share/ if you want to ask me about asylum process/ if you want to share your vision of your own future, Pls, be my guest!

  • 25-34_m_w_h1_f4

    wow you have to prove your sexual orientation?! how?? i find that offensive.

    my question to you is how much does it cost? and will you be allowed to visit egypt if your asylum has been granted?

    do you have to be in the US already to apply or you can apply from abroad? where? embassies? or do you find the forms online ...

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  • 17-24_f_f_h3_f3

    Impressive! Do keep us posted on the status of your asylum please. I'm wishing you best of luck already!

    Just 1 request though, can you elaborate more about the "lawyers" that can help in such cases? Money part and "proofs" can be gathered easily but then what always discouraged me was the legal part, I never wanted to risk my chances and thought that the involvement of lawyers would be a great help but I didn't know who or what to seek for such matters.

    • 17-24_f_w_h1_f4

      Hello, i'm glad you liked my post, as for your request, please check my detailed topic about the *proof*, it's called *the gay proof* to have a better understanding of the type of proofs .. you can find it here:

      and for the lawyers part, if you're going to seek asylum in USA, then lookup every state and choose the one you want to resettle in, and start searching for (LGBT asylum attorney/lawyer + immigration lawyer/attorney) ..

      pick the ones with email address or websites, send them an email with detailed information about your case, tell them you want them to be your attorney (even if you're not going to hire anyone of them) and you're just want advice

      those are the most important questions to ask (don't even travel without knowing their answers)
      1. do i have a solid case ?
      2. if yes, what are the types of proofs that i can gather?

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  • hi, I'm straight looking and acting gay , looking for a lesbian girl from Middle East to get married socially only , have a babe and keep our sexual life independent.
    I'm Lebanese living in Montreal

    Pm me if any lady interested

    • Hello adam, this thread is not for helping lesbians in finding straight guys ... so please start a new discussion so you can have bigger chance in attracting the right audience who're interested in cover marriage.

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  • 12-16_f_w_h2_f1

    I don't know when that post was published. So any updates?

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  • 17-24_f_w_h1_f4

    me too! and I've read about lot of cases where the asylum officer asked for sex tape/photos .. which is very embarrassing, emotionally painful and hurts one's dignity!

    it costs around 10,000 to 20,000 Egyptian pounds to book tickets (cheapest tickets are around 6,000), pay for medical checkup, interview and visa fees. you can check for LGBT shelters if you can't afford accommodation.

    No, i'm not allowed to visit Egypt except if i have an emergency or urgent matter (ex: death of a family member )

    Yes, i have to be physically present in US to apply for asylum.

    if you can't afford the costs to get yourself out of Egypt, then you can apply as a refugee (its another kind of asylum but in this one you can apply outside US, but you have to be accepted as a refugee by UNHR organization or US embassy.. if not.. you can't apply for this type of asylum)

    theoretically, anyone would prefer refugee to asylum, because in refugee status, US government take care of accommodation and travel/visa costs

    practically, asylum is better because you have more chances in granting it than refugee. and you can apply for a second time if got rejected the first time, unlike refugee.

    PS: syrians now are considered refugees.. so if you compared me to them, why would US consider me as a refugee ? that's why granting refugee is harder.

    more info on this topic can be found online.

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