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How to Spot a Straight Guy, For Lesbians.

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I'm sharing my personal gained-experience on how to spot a straight guy pretending to be a girl so he can meet you, and don't even ask me why would any straight guy try to lure in a lesbian, i think some of the Arabian guys thinks of lesbians as *sex creatures* who would bang anyone!

well, the upcoming advises are gained from own experiment, if you think i've missed any detail/ useful tip, add it in a comment.

if you're speaking with a fake girl (FG):

a. notice the topics:
- The "corrective sex" type: if any User is talking with you about straight sex, sexual details of straight sex/opposite sex genitals, discussing how pleasurable the sex is with a straight guy / asking if you've ever had sex with a guy .. convincing you to try sex with guys......... well, i guess you got the idea.

- The "I've been there" type: if any User is trying to show you how mature/open minded she is, that she *tried* loving a guy and succeeded, how she's relieved from social stigma, and the shame accompanied with being gay....... you should know where she(i mean he)'s going with this.

- The "Lawyer/Religious" type: this one going to tell you the legal problems/penalties/punishment from god you could face if you keep being gay *many of us do this* but this type, will use his means just to make you have second thoughts about having a relationship with a guy.

b. notice her mobile number:
- this tip can get very paranoid, but being paranoid is better than having regrets. when anyone give me their number, i transform into Sherlock Holmes and conduct my researches on their numbers. by these means:

- True-caller: that's a two-faced powerful tool, if you're lucky enough, this FG would forget about changing their real name on true-caller and you'll know for sure if he's a guy or she's a girl. on the other hand, he can search for you and know your median/family name as well (personally, i don't care. but i know some of you do care so i mentioned this)

- Facebook: YES, people affiliate their Facebook profile with their mobile number sometimes, you can search the number and screen their profile to make sure if that's a real one. And noticing their wall history, how many friends they have and when was the profile created also helps a little.

- APPS: like whats-app, viber, tango... you could easily add their mob. num. to your contacts and look up their Profile Pictures on those apps.

c. notice her actions:
actions speak louder than TIP a and b!!

^ i don't really have a specific tips for this one, but you know it when you meet a suspicious personality, even if you can't really know whats wrong with them.

always remember that actions can be neglect-able but significant in the same time!

if you have any suspicious, don't meet up with her.

I'm up for Respectful Discussion. Looking forward to your comments.

  • 25-34_f_b_h1_f1

    Their use of pronouns and response to normal topics is another. Some fake profiles won't do A or B but, their answers to simple questions can cast a light on their true intention.

    Additionally, when you talk to those people they always tend to turn the topic back to identity issues. Another warning is if they refuse to send voice messages lol, obvious reason.

    And like Amira said, don't meet up with them if you are uncomfortable and don't feel safe. But if you do want to meet them, never meet those folks alone, do it in an open and popular area. This is a must for safety and bring a friend if you are unsure.

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  • 17-24_f_a_h1_f4

    Amira spoke on getting their numbers, what happens if they specifically refuse to give you their numbers n insist they are protecting their identity, is that an alarm for a real she??

    • 25-34_f_b_h1_f1

      It could be legitimate that they could be protecting themselves since they might think you are the one with a fake account. But if they won't give you a phone number, try other mode of communication that allows anonymous capabilities, like snap chat. If they insist on giving you none, they could be fake.

      Phone numbers can be hit or miss on that one.

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