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How to Spot a Straight Guy, For Lesbians.

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I'm sharing my personal gained-experience on how to spot a straight guy pretending to be a girl so he can meet you, and don't even ask me why would any straight guy try to lure in a lesbian, i think some of the Arabian guys thinks of lesbians as *sex creatures* who would bang anyone!

well, the upcoming advises are gained from own experiment, if you think i've missed any detail/ useful tip, add it in a comment.

if you're speaking with a fake girl (FG):

a. notice the topics:
- The "corrective sex" type: if any User is talking with you about straight sex, sexual details of straight sex/opposite sex genitals, discussing how pleasurable the sex is with a straight guy / asking if you've ever had sex with a guy .. convincing you to try sex with guys......... well, i guess you got the idea.

- The "I've been there" type: if any User is trying to show you how mature/open minded she is, that she *tried* loving a guy and succeeded, how she's relieved from social stigma, and the shame accompanied with being gay....... you should know where she(i mean he)'s going with this.

- The "Lawyer/Religious" type: this one going to tell you the legal problems/penalties/punishment from god you could face if you keep being gay *many of us do this* but this type, will use his means just to make you have second thoughts about having a relationship with a guy.

b. notice her mobile number:
- this tip can get very paranoid, but being paranoid is better than having regrets. when anyone give me their number, i transform into Sherlock Holmes and conduct my researches on their numbers. by these means:

- True-caller: that's a two-faced powerful tool, if you're lucky enough, this FG would forget about changing their real name on true-caller and you'll know for sure if he's a guy or she's a girl. on the other hand, he can search for you and know your median/family name as well (personally, i don't care. but i know some of you do care so i mentioned this)

- Facebook: YES, people affiliate their Facebook profile with their mobile number sometimes, you can search the number and screen their profile to make sure if that's a real one. And noticing their wall history, how many friends they have and when was the profile created also helps a little.

- APPS: like whats-app, viber, tango... you could easily add their mob. num. to your contacts and look up their Profile Pictures on those apps.

c. notice her actions:
actions speak louder than TIP a and b!!

^ i don't really have a specific tips for this one, but you know it when you meet a suspicious personality, even if you can't really know whats wrong with them.

always remember that actions can be neglect-able but significant in the same time!

if you have any suspicious, don't meet up with her.

I'm up for Respectful Discussion. Looking forward to your comments.


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