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Being a Lesbian in Saudi

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So I can't imagine what it's like to be an LGBT in any other Arab country, but I don't expect it to be any easier than how it is in Saudi. In any case, I quite hate it.

Honestly, since moving isn't exactly an easy walk in the park I often wish I was straight. It would be so much easier. I'm cisgendered, feminine, with a feminine representation. Most of the LGBT community can't tell I'm gay either, and I get told I look straight all the time. I don't hate being gay... But, life would just be so much easier if I was straight.

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    i think you're going through (stigma) phase.. so i want you to know you're a respectful human being, you shouldn't say (it would be easier if i were str, if you don't live as who you truly, are you won't be happy ever.... best.

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  • Saudi is a difficult place to be gay but not impossible if you find the right network of friends who could support you or are gay themselves. There are places like Iran or Afghanistan where secretly the gay community is thriving. The worst part is the feeling of loneliness, because it's hard to find these people, so keep your world and options open something tells me you are going to be juuuust fine.

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  • Well i think its difficult being part of the LGBT community in the middle east in general. Saudis rules are not forgiving. but what to do. As they said if you find the right network of people then you'll be fine. plus bahrain is right around the corner you may find it easier there.

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  • Hello Myth, I am a research fellow at a humanitarian organization based in the U.S and I'm conducting research in regards to how Saudi LGBTQIA citizens live and deal with the reality of their identity and how they go about with their daily lives. My research is strictly to get a better understanding of what life is like within this country and I would not ask you questions that can put your identity or life in harms way. I understand that there is an intense need to keep your identity a secret, so if there's anyway I can get into contact with you, maybe through this site or if you have an anonymous email that I can message you at, it would be amazing! I look forward to a reply and completely understand if you don't feel comfortable messaging me.

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  • accept urself and love it nth happen to u without reason

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