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  • I wish! Unfortunately it's very difficult to find funding to study in the U.S. - especially for international students. Most state/public universities offer some kind of scholarship, though very few full scholarships, and often they don't offer them to international students. With private colleges, it varies institution to institution - some have endowments that offer scholarships but again, hardly ever the full amount plus room and board. I would look into some of these scholarship options: Mellon Mays - and Immigrant scholarships - and then look on the individual school websites under financial aid and scholarships. Good luck!

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    yes its sadly super competitive to get that because even americans themselves dont have access to this type of stuff for free unless its community college but they dont really accept and pay for foreigners so its hard. financial aid is possible but its given to less than 1% of foreign applicants its super tough i tried many times to get scholarships but in many cases i wasnt even eligible to apply for them in the first place as a non-US citizen. i tried in europe too but there its even harder!!

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    you can get a scholarship

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