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Coming out to my Friends

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So hello everyone I'm new here.

I just want you to tell my story of my coming out to my friends. It was really easy for me because I knew my friends will accept me. I talk about LGBTQ+ a lot and the lead singer of my favorite band is also gay so I talk about it really much also with my friends and they were always cool with it.
I was outside with them and I was like guys listen I have to tell you something. I am pansexual... at first they were like wtf is that?
Then I explained it to them and they were like wow that's really cool and we're so proud of you that you came out and we will always love you as our friend and we will always support you.
I just really hope if you have to come out to your friends that they react like my friends I'm so thankful that I have such amazing and really supporting friends like them.

This was basically my story it's really short. I just want to tell you that no matter what kind of sexuality you have stay you!


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