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Welcome to my silly life

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Hello everyone,
It was good finding an LGBT community.
I am a gay male , i have always been attracted to other males,ever since i was a little boy, i have been always struggling because of my feelings i even tried to kill myself twice before , it's never easy being a gay guy in Egypt or the Arab world in general.
Due to my continuous sadness i came out to my mom, she did not snap or throw me out, she tried to "fix" me , she sent me to 2 therapists and a venereologist.
Ofc these stuff did not work.
i came to the point of accepting myself or rather said accepting my fate although i hope i could find a good guy to live with, married and adopt a baby .
i came out to some of my friends and they were fine with it and accepted me
Gay community in here is tough people are just looking for sex it is rare to find someone who wants a love relationship.
i tried to look for this perfect man til i gave up but now i am trying to get back to dating
most guys i been with all just want sex they slept with me and then left
i do not know what life has for me i am just hopping for a happy end. .


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