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adoption for lesbian couples

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is this possible at all? the arab world makes it very difficult to adopt even if for wealthy arab couples (hetero) but i am at the age in my life where i would love to have kids with my partner yet neither of us want to get pregnant for health reasons. we both have a history of health issues in the family and it would be risky. i dont want to think that its not possible for us to create a family so im asking if anyone knows any gay couples with adopted kids in the region. we want to adopt an arab child in need, not from abroad, there are so many homeless and helpless kids who need help and wed love to grow a loving family.

  • This is such a good question. I don't know anyone personally but I will ask around. I hope it can happen for you!

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    hmm pretty tough. in many countries a single individual is not allowed to legally adopt a child. they have to meet high income requirements & also be married for a number of years & things like that. too bad its not common here as much as it should be esp with whats going on now in syria.

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    I like this kind idea of making an arabic homo family , wish u the best
    Mmm I think it's illegal to us to adopt in Arabic countries ,my be years later it 'll be possible. But 4 now we can think in some creative ways out of authoritys' laws . may be u can help homeless orphans in the streets and by time, if it's okey wiz u & the child , u can adopt him without any legal intervention. Or one of u as a couple can adopt an orphan by her self without announcing her homosexuality. I know it's risky but unfortunately to live as a homo is illegal in most of the phobic Arabic countries.

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    I think it goes without saying that the answer is NO. However, if you look at it wisely even straight couples have to go thru a ton of legal issues and background checks in order to adopt in many Arab countries (they claim its for the safety of the children) I volunteered before in orphanages in Egypt and I can tell you 1 thing though, adoptions from the age 9 and above are always a little bit easier than younger age and I witnessed 2 of them happen, they prefer the child to be mature enough so in case any abuse happens he/she can report it easier. From exchanging information on some FB pages before I also do know that the adoption process is also bit of a hassle in countries like Lebanon, Morocco, Bahrain and Algeria so in general adoption for straight people is hard enough so of course for a gay couple its probably impossible as a +5 years of legal marriage has always been a top condition anyways. You can however adopt a child in other ways like take it from someone you know they don't want (which of course is a hassle of its own finding such a case) then again you'll have to have the real mother or father register him first. Or maybe adopt in a foreign country if you can afford it then raise it wherever you like later but thats not a very easy process as well.

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    i think you should go ahead and ask if a single girl can adopt a child? and we all know the answer of this in middle east, NO. and there are ton of papers need to be done, lot of them are papers which shows your wealth and social history ( is the mom, and dad, are in a healthy relationship?) (will the dad participate in raising the child? or is he a passive partner?)
    at least, that was the situation when my mom and dad tried to adopt a child. (they have me and my brother and yet they wanted to have a third child)

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