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Homo in Egypt

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#LGBT I dont know how to start this confession. I am m/18 yrs old, well educated I have a family el7 ma3na flos . The main problem is I attracted to the same sex . science Grade 9 I used to love my classmate. After this I have been talking to people like me online kol7om zebala sex animels prostueds looking for one nightstand. I start hate my life I have no love no bf ba7awel ashgel nafsey wa tafkerii ba7agat at3alm7a wa ba5rog ktere bs a5er el youm a3od afakar fe el mawdo3 dah. I am virgin btw. Lastnight I coming out to my sister and i start talking to her about my feelings and she said to "enta 3adk farag 3atafey when u enter the uni u will be fin". I am so sad no one love me. I wanna immigrate to the land accept me.

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    OK first of all I want you to know that you are not alone. There's so many of us living the same way as you do. and it seems to me that your problem is that you are looking for a boyfriend but you can't find a decent person that can get past his sexual desires and actually want a relationship. I'm not gonna tell you that this is easy because it's not. we live in a homophobic community where many guys don't see a future for a relationship so they just prefer one night stands or are caught up in guilt to be in one (like myself), but here's the good part, even after all i mentioned, There are people who are still looking for a relationship just like you and I even met some of them online. So my advice to you, use the internet, it's your best friend. sign up in websites like Tumblr "hatla2y f tumblr nas andf", facebook, dating apps like Grinder..etc. Be clear and specific about what you want and mention it in your bio so people who are searching would find you faster. specifically say: "Gay Egypt 18" because those are your keywords. Another advice, sign up in one of these charity organizations "Resala or whatever" and take some courses at anything; Painting, French, programming,...whatever. It's a great way to fill your free your free time and who knows, maybe you will meet someone.

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      I am trying to do many new activites. Bs el moshkela an mafesh had ndef wa mo7tarm el nass bgd sa3ba. Grindir dah awsa5 makan fe el 3alam lih el gay comunity bdg mafesh wa el mawdo3 dah mza3lni

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    why do all our activities as lgbt people have to be lgbt related
    we can do things that others do too
    i play tennis and attend concerts and hang out with friends from work without caring what they sexuality is
    fun is fun

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