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gay Saudi wants to marry a lesbian Saudi

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My family are trying so hard to get me married but am gay and I don't want this to happen I was stressed this whole year my mom passed away recently and my family gathered and decided to get me married am 37 years old and I can't say anything they will hate me .

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    i am very sorry for your loss first of all. second of all instead of finding a lesbian saudi to marry have you considered finding a job someplace in another arab country like even kuwait or bahrain or UAE? perhaps lebanon too.

    this way you get to move away from them for a while and get some clarity without this stress and then decide later how you want to approach it, don't hurry too much into a marriage of convenience (it's expensive and very difficult to arrange unless youre lucky that you already know a lesbian friend willing to do it too.)

    being abroad will buy you more time have you tried this? its hard to find a solution while in saudi itself for now and surrounded by your family all the time

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    كانت عندك فرصة

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    I understand the difficulty, I'm a lesbian and would like to marry a gay man, but only if the situation is actually favorable and he is a friend I can get along with enough and can see him everyday without getting irritated. It's a difficult decision, and it has to be well thought out.

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