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  • I'm so sorry. You are not alone! Homophobic assholes are everywhere but remember there is nothing wrong with you and you will be ok! Hang in there! Sending hugs...

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  • Well homophobic tendencies are some what of a given in this part of the world. It depends on the person I would say, sometimes people are afraid of what they do not know. Make sure you surround yourself with good vibes and take it easy. Take care of yourself. Be strong

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    I just pointed out that you aren't defined by your sexuality... just like people are defined by their color or race. when people meet you the first thing your going to introduce isnt your lesbian/gay/bisexual etc. so just filter all those homophobic comments away. its honestly the same comments people get for drinking, smoking, drugs, not praying, eating junk food, watching tv, etc etc, people have a problem with alot of things these day. when you finally start identifying yourself as more than homosexual those comments will bounce right off =D I know it isnt much help right now. but you know other people's opinion of yourself is non of your concern

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