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When I was very very young I felt more attracted by women. I didn't thought names for that. When I realised that those feelings where 'bad' as 'homosexuality', as a kind of sickness at that moment..maybe like 20 years ago..I had fear. I grew up in a conservative family.
I broke the wall, I left home, I started from scratch with new friends elsewhere. I fell in love a few times, I was happy, I removed my fear and I felt proud of my life, of my feelings.

Now, and a little bit far from home and 20 years after, I meet again with those rules which want control our lives, condemns our feelings, and make us feel anormal loneliness.
This is new for me, at this time, year 2015, middle east. I am afraid of loneliness...always surrounded by the hertero-standard which it leaves no free space for difference...

Straights thinkers from Middle East, wake up, we are humans no robots!!!
We are not insects, life is for enjoy too. We have a heart for feel.
You are constructing the most boring society..without any creativity, any diversity and freedom...

To my gay and lesbians friends from this web: I encourage you to be whatever you want to be. You are not doing bad to anybody.
Just try to be happy.
This must be your rule. .


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