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I left home to feel home !

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you know the difference of acting the way that speaks about you and acting the way you are expected too are two different images of the same mirror
i recently decided to take control of my life i was so tiered to obey to everyone and loose my self in the process
it took me 4 years to accept myself for who i am feel comfortable about it and then came out to my friends and family , in one hand my friends were so supportive of me and respecting to my life style and to who i am
in the other hand my family as a religious one wasn't that opened hearted about it there were no screams or slaps on the process but much more of broken stares and drowned hopes , i tries so hard to make my family understand that i still am the same person that before they knew about it , they loved deeply that nothing will change in contrary i was lying to them whole my life hiding my true identity and now they know everything, but it looked like they became deaf , all what my parents kept saying was we accept you , we love you but you can never act on your feelings or out your self , be who you are secretly and act on the way society want you to be
I certainly understand the reason behind my parents reactions but couldn’t agree , cause me been OK with that means I never not for a second loved my self or accepted who I am so I gathered my stuff bought my freedom out of my country to a place where I can be who I am and wake up the morning feel whole again , breath again ,
I still my parents daughter I call them and they call me every day they never for onec hided the fact of them been proud of me , love me support me and them been always there for me
Cause of society I left home to feel home !


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