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Advice please

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A few months ago i had a family discussion, my parents found out who i am. Ever since that day, i feel depressed, insecure and my anxiety is always acting up. Every now and then i feel like vomiting. I need to know if religion(Islam) has anything against me, everyday im getting worried if i dont get accepted. I still haven't find closure with myself, I am not happy like i was before. Right now i feel scared and worried, i almost feel like crying every night. Any advice on religion and ways to make me feel more secure and less depressed ?.

Thank you.

  • I'm sorry you're going through this, it's hard. I used to get anxiety attacks all the time but now I'm past that. I can tell you one thing with absolute certainty: you're accepted in Islam just as you are, the relationship you have with Allah is a deeply personal one that can't be decided by any external person's explanations and self-serving, hypocritical analysis. Maybe society at large doesn't accept you as you are just yet but Islam does, and many religious Muslims do as well. In fact there are more and more gay Imams coming out and speaking strongly about the faith's compatibility with sexual identities. There are many exceptions in this faith and it's widely known that God is merciful. Others judge you because they themselves are insecure and want to use you as a distraction from their own faults and anxieties.

    Why are you scared and worried when there's millions of us in your shoes, many of whom feel loved and accepted? Many like you are still finding their way to that path where you will find comfort, security and inner peace. Mostly just know that there's a huge community who support you just as you are and are always willing to help you through this.

    If advice is what you're looking for, then keep reaching out to these types of communities and you will see just how welcome you are. There are so many gay Muslims who really have found a way to connect their faith with their identities and as long as you feel loved by God that's all that really matters. It's not even about forgiveness because there's nothing to forgive you for. It's about accepting you as you are and your deeds have nothing to do with your identity or race or gender and everything to do with your actions: kindness, tolerance, generosity, forgiveness and just knowing how to love yourself as much as God loves you and trust me, God really really does. Please do not put yourself through this, there is so much in life to be thankful and grateful for. Try to heal your anxiety by reminding yourself of that each time. Every day you wake up try to be thankful, not scared. Try to be loving, not resentful. Try to be generous and just give love the same way you receive it.

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      Thank you for the great advice, but what about these verses in the Quran:

      And [We had sent] Lot when he said to his people, "Do you commit such immorality as no one has preceded you with from among the worlds[7:80]
      "Indeed, you approach men with desire, instead of women. Rather, you are a transgressing people."[7:81]

      I feel even more scared reading this.

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      Homosexuality and Religion will never get along.
      I agree on what Butterfly has mentioned "the relationship you have with Allah is a deeply personal one that can't be decided by any external person's explanations and self-serving, hypocritical analysis" .. I've been keeping this in mind ever since. It is always (and should be) between you and Him.

      I, myself do not practice any form of religion, but I do believe that there is God. As far as the religion is concerned, I have faith and that's all that matters I guess.. the connection between Me and Him.

      You can't pray away the gay.

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      Thanks for your advice

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    have you seen this?

    might be helpful for you to seek the answers you want

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  • don't worry man it's just a matter of time for your parents
    i want you and everybody here to watch this video

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