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Gay marriage has been legalized in all of US.

Amazing news to hear today, as we have had a series terrible headlines today (France, Tunisia and Kuwait ☹ )

Years and years ago a small stone was casted into the waters causing ripples, which eventually became huge tides, and today we saw the outcome of those tides!

You may feel that it isn’t much related to us, that our friends, from an already open country finally get the right to marry who ever they want. Mainly because a lot of us are living with our own personal struggle.

But I wanted to take amount to sit down and be amazed and appreciate the significance of this decision.

History hasn’t always been kind to us, we faced being mental ill, then we faced hate crimes, and a very long time ago, before most of us where even born, someone decided to stand up and fight for our rights, and the rights for future generations. This fight has lasted a while, our first victory was when Netherlands legalized gay marriages in 2000, I was just 11 at the time, and very unaware of all of this. It took 15 years for the entire US to legalize gay marriages since then.

15 years of a struggle, not that they weren’t fighting it before!

I remember when I was 18 I had met some gay people from the base, listening to their stories about how Gay people are supposed to be in the army, and the extremes they went through to hide it, made me sad.

So I remembered when they passed the law to allow Gay people into the army a few years later I celebrated for them.

And today when America said that gender is not a issue when getting married, I celebrated as well!

I may be thousands of miles away, and this influence has very little effect on the middleeast.


They have come a long way, and suffered through a lot! I feel like its my turn now, to take my challenges and charge forward

In the end Love will always win. .


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