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When did u become a gay?
this fuckin' question that i have to answer every time i meet a new gay friend
why do people think that u should've been Sexually Harassed in your childhood to be a gay man ???
i'm just a gay man i was born gay without any black history with Physical Child Abuse,
i know that most gay people suffered from it but it's not a condition to be a gay
just sayin' .

  • 25-34_m_w_h1_f4

    yesssss. or also "how did you decide you were gay?" because yeah it's a decision now??? and sometimes its just super condescending like "if youre gay how come you dress normal" (a lot of people here confuse homosexuality and trans)

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  • 17-24_f_f_h3_f3

    Surprisingly I haven't been asked this question yet

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  • 17-24_f_w_h2_f1

    I woke up one day and saw a lone glitter stuck on my arm. It was an omen. I stood up and saw that my hair were short - when did that happen? I opened my cupboard to find only flannel and doc martins. What was happening? My friend called me, I picked up and he asked if I was up for hanging out and all I felt was a deep sense of loathing for his manliness. He's probably sexist because he's a man. But wait, he's so kind! What's happening?! I left the house and melons, melons everywhere! There was no rain so what's a rainbow doing in the sky?

    I finally met up with my friend. He took one look at me and said "you look so butch" . Suddenly it all made sense, it was fate. So that was how I decided to become a lesbian. I guess it works like that anyways.

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  • oh yeah "when\why you decided to become gay?" can drive one insane indeed
    and there's this common question lesbians get "who's the man in the relationship?" plus the legendary "how do you do it" question that just kills me every time

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