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Funny/weird coming out stories?

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I'll go first!

My friend started asking about the sexuality of a mutual friend. It lead to me telling her that I was gay. She was surprised but cool.

A couple of months later she tells me that she had always wanted a gay friend and when I told her about me, she was cool on the outside but secretly like "Scoooooore!" XD

Then there was that other time where I was at a gathering with a bunch of girls. I was told that almost all of them were lesbians. Ok that's cool.

We were hanging out when one of them casually asked me if I was gay and I said yea, keeping it cool like I do this everyday. She then "welcomed me to the club". I didn't show it but I was quite stoked to be part of the gay club haha

So let's have it! What funny/weird coming out stories do you guys have? .

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    hey thats kind of cool. coming out to my friends was always a big deal. mostly because i knew some would joke around about how i must have aids or something. thats why i had to come out to them slowly and one at a time otherwise if it was as a group it would have caused some bullying but without the peer pressure my friends were okay with it even though i know they would giggle about it until they finally got what i had to go through just to come out to them.

    so my coming out wasnt as fun or exciting just a normal type, craving acceptance

    i was always hoping that at least one of them would say "HEY ME TOO" but sadly that never happened

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    btw i forgot to add that coming out to my siblings was the hardest. thought it would be a peace of cake because they were very accepting of other gay people but they just didnt want one of them to be gay. anyways we are doing better now but still very awkward relationship. and when we fight about other things the first thing they mention is me being gay as an attack. even when it has nothing to do with that topic. hurts a lot.

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      It's so weird how people can get about things that don't affect them or hurt anyone. You were smart with your friends though - I really do hope that you find friends who wouldn't care one way or another who you love.

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    One day I decided I should tell my bestfriend from college that I'm into girls as I always thought it would be better to tell him after graduation so if he wanted to part ways that would be fine. And it went something like this

    Me: Abdo, I'm a lesbian, I like girls..
    Him: Hmmm
    Me: So..
    Him: I knew you had a gf at some point..
    Me: How did you know ?
    Him: I also know you used to make out with -a girl from class- in the car..
    Me: Hmm how did you..
    Him: I also knew you never liked guys
    Me: Ok so you do understand, right?
    Him: Sure, but none of this makes you a lesbian.
    Me: Oh..Ok..I guess..

    So yup, that was the only talk we had about it in 5 years

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  • was about 9 years ago when I decided to 'officially' come out as a lesbian to my mom.
    She was cool with it and told me "I always knew." ..everything was smooth with my mom.

    As per my dad.. I think he always had the idea of what I am up to.. that I am gay but never had the courage to confront me.
    Well, I was really scared to deal with my dad as he is a muslim. But some time in 2012, I was forced to come out. My girlfriend was at my place and my dad came.. I thought it was the perfect time to tell him, (how so? I have no idea.) I just grabbed the girl's hand.. and stood in front of him..

    "This is (blah), my girlfriend."

    and from what I remember, we carry on and had dinner all together like it was a normal thing. Few days later, he talked to me about "transition" , offered me his credit card (to "go and have fun with your gf!" which I declined) , offered me an apartment to live with my gf (in which again, I declined), and asks me about my feelings ... I didn't know how to feel about it, but It was weird! Overall, I consider myself lucky and I'm grateful that I have such accepting and supportive parents! .... which is rare.

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    Hahaha reminds me of a story with a friend of mine!

    It was 2 years ago, I may have forgotten to mention to her that Im a lesbian ..... I am 26 now, so I was 24 at the time.

    She was coming back to bahrain for the first time in about 7 years, we have facebook, skyped and called for the last 7 years, I told her everything except the fact that I date women.

    So we she gets back, I decided I need to tell her, So we go out, I sit her down, look her in the eye, and say hey I am gay... I date girls.

    She frowns at me ... and replies, well yeah I kinda knew this about you since you where 12.....

    To which I reply, I dont think I was anything when I was 12.

    She pats me on the head, and then gives me a list of things I used to do as a kid that indicated that I was gay.

    1. Also gave girl flowers and chocolates
    2. wrote poems for girls only
    3. my only comment on something looking beautiful, would be a girl
    4. buy valentines gift for girls.

    etc etc..... and ends with saying, It would have been more of a shock if you told me you are straight :') .... I once upon a time had boy friends before I figured out I was a lesbian....

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  • hahaha! not sure If I can call it coming out, but my mom once caught me watching lesbian porn!

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    i feel that no story will be weirder than mine but here it my last year of high school i had to come out to my teacher!!!!!!!!!!!! coz he wanted to marry me !!!! the reason i did it was he kept asking me to set him up with my parents so he can ask for my hand for marriage he was 26 and i was 18 then he asked me 10 times and on last day of school he insisted on it and i felt very bad for him so i told him the truth he got sad expression non his face and told me good luck in ur life and i never heard of him again but i know he got engaged last year

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  • my coming out story was a bit weird at least one of it was , one day i got super exited felt so reay to came out to my best friend and by accident i stambled on a video on Youtube it was a song by a Youtube named ALLY HILLS " COMING OUT SONG " i just though OMG that is perfect so i send it to my best friend and captioned "totally me" immediatly after hitting the send button felt so not ready LOL was too late
    it was the longest night of my life waiting the morning to see my friend , the next morning i received a messege from here a video message of here signing a song telling she doesn't care at all , she loves me no metter what and everything is the same so yep breake a sweat for nothing with this one
    but the song really helped

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    I do not know if you would consider this "coming out" funny but it was thrilling, one day on a night of a midterm, my friends group chat was so active and my name kept popping up! I opened it, and they have found my gay facebook account! I was terrified and I was like that is it I should never show my face again to them (it was worse cuz they were laughing at it) anyway I start blocking them one by one on every social media app and get to bed after a massive panic attack, the next day after the midterm I get a call from my lil bro saying that my friend is waiting for me outside (panic attack again) I told my brother to tell him that I am out, he said he told him that but he insisted to wait. anyway, turns out that they thought the account was fake and that I have reported it and now facebook deleted it and they actually believed that and not that I have deactivated it. All of them believed the lie except one of them who keeps giving me these suspicious looks but never really said anything

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    I didint really come out,

    my dad caught me by looking into some of my chats with my gf whne I was about 13, he never todl me anything and did not want to deal with that, so he told my mom and I remmeber my mom asking me about the chats and the girl, at first I was scared I lied about it and said I am just pranking her (I am not a very good lier)...

    Mom: Are you attracted to girls?
    Me: Yes, I am attracted to girsl
    Mom: Like you feel like you want to be with a girl?
    Me: Yes
    Mom: I know this is just a phase and you need to get over it, there is not such a thing as this!

    And now between each few years shoudl would ask me how is that thing?
    Me: Yeah, it is good nothing is there.....

    It is not really a coming out story, it just feels like that my parents found me in the closet took me out for a meeting and I got back in!

    When it comes to my close friends, they have always knew I was gay before I knew it

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  • 12-16_f_f_h2_f2

    Mines was not like funny but it was amazing.
    I was talking with *beep* about the whole gay thing. We are kinda close friends so we kept on talking and then my gaydar striked. I was like.. Are you uhm ? Gay? And then *beep* was like : YESS! And then I told *beep* that me too! And we hugged bc I never thought *beep* would come out to me at the same time. It was overwhelming. We both almost cried from happiness (:

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