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Jus a thought.... never met someone who understands was always broken at some points..many points... It took me alot of time to understand myself though....but i did...i explored myself....i knew my potentials....i knew my weakness points.....i had to wonder....and i never left without answers.....i knew my (what and why) ... I draged myself to the bottom....and i raised myself the sky....i did one was one knows my story....even the closets ones..... So,no one can get it....
I once read " you can't save people...u can only love them" ....
This is deeply true....

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    i loved reading this. i can relate so much. i feel this way all the time and i think anyone who has found people who truly get them, understand them, and love them exactly as they are, are truly lucky. if you have such a person in your life hold on to them for good. it's rare. love them and accept their love for you.

    for the rest of us who haven't found this person yet, best thing is to keep our hearts and minds open until they grace us one day with their presence. we must hope they will. or else living becomes harder.

    i get more and more anxious about this as i get older until i find all the people who only found this person in their 50s or even 60s. it happens. optimism and hope gets us there.

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    for second i think it's my deleted Facebook status that i wanna share, scream out load and tattoo it on my back but i can't i just can't :')

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