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i miss you fellows

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i really miss you , the discussions and the chat , year ago or may be shorter , this site was more active with a wonderful members who talked about everything and every issue, i do not know what happened .. but i really miss the warmth of the talking here.

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    missed you a lot hema. i hope this is a welcome back!

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    i miss a lot of the earlier folks i wish they would come here more often. loved talking to them. many of them helped me through really tough times. weird because i never met these people but felt a lot of love and connection from them. its what i admire about this place.

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    Hey Hema! Hope you're doing well and I miss you guys too! Things have been pretty busy but I keep thinking about starting a topic but mostly I lurk. I really miss the paragraphs and paragraphs of discussions before. It really opened my eyes to so many different points of views. So I miss that - but then I also love that the site has been growing all this time and all the new members. Hopefully we'll talk more!

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  • i miss you fellows too , our discussions . the friends here who i annoyed with my problems and inner fears( you know yourself, and thank you )
    Ahwaa here was a great place for me , in a bad time in my life
    i didn't say bad days went away
    but barbecue you fellows i become stronger
    have the ability to fightt9 well still have fears, but not like before)
    thank you again ,

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