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why it is slow here

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i made my account here because i think there will be friend having the same interst
same feelings and same difficulties in life as it is secret life
i made this account to communicate with each other to know new peoples
but it is seems to be slowly here to know each other
also this account to know friends only in true life
not for sex hacker
if you intersted in me personally ,you are wellcome
if you searching for sex only, no need for you

  • 25-34_m_w_h1_f4

    yeah i think it will be good to have more features and stuff here, we need to keep the community intact

    • we are all friends here but to discusse our felling ,talking freely ,no limit but this does not mean we are in sex all the time
      i need friends

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    • 35-50_f_w_h1_f3

      That's indeed what the site is intended for! If there is anyone bothering you, requesting sex, or in general harassing you, please let us know right away so we can look into the issue. We want to make sure each member feels comfortable and safe here!

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    • thanks admin
      next time i will inform

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