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what is wrong with you people

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I've never been a judgmental person,I'm against any kind of racism , but what really drivers me crazy hwa any ashof 7ad is suffering from racism w fnfs alw2t ytahed 7ad tany , for example a lesbian girl 5aifa mn her friends and family y3rfo 7ga about it and at the same time she is against gag marriage or against 2 butches if they got into a relationship, what's wrong with u people it's all about feelings!plus it's not of ur business, lih by day at .

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    Well..good point but let's draw a thin line between "racism/bigotry" and "preference". Being gay doesn't mean I should have no favorite or preferred type. Disliking a "butch" is not about disliking their personality but just the style and preferring a "butch" also doesn't mean hating all the other types. Its a matter of acceptance and having a certain type without any personal hate or hypocrisy. Being gay doesn't necessarily mean you have to be in love with all gay forms and shapes of life because your preferences are more than enough anyways so lets not mix that wiith "racism". However, gay people being against gays is another story that's just pure double standers.

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    Yes delusions u have a point of view bas brdo what I'm talking about anha far2 fl mo3amla w they refuse them for a personal choice plus it's really private so no one has the right to give their opinion or to judge someone for loving someone else, dy blnsbaly Montana Al 3nsorya wel edtehad , to refuse someone for having feelings for someone else

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  • I would really get into the conversation, if the post was pure english. :@

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