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1st experience

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i want to tell shor about my self
i am dentist -40 yearsold- my father dead when i am 6
i lived with mother and father inlaw and 3 sister
when i am in school and faculty i have no relation at all
even going out the home i donot like
at age 24 i start my carear
but at that time my family start to search for wife to marry although i am not intersted
until i suddenly find one friend who i like to stay with him too much
i spend with him alot of my time talking ,going out together
then i start looking for sexy movies i realize my truth as i like to watch gay guy movies....i like to be the bottom one
after one year of our friendship , i decided to tell him that iam inlove with him
i shocked when he told me that he knows this along time ago from my eyes and he need time ti take his decision regarding our relationship
i fellt depressed from his answer
i start searching through internet until i find ahmed who is 44 ...we start talking through e-mails and chating for 4 month ...every day i like his personality ...his way of taking ...then we meet each other in person ( i wasconfused ,afraid ,hesitating,happy ,>>>all this felling i faced together while walking to our 1st meeting >>>all this although i spend 2 days befor our meeting to prepare my mind what to talk ,what to tell >>what and what)
when we meet i shocked and keept silent ....he is nice man keept talking in warm way ..made me cofortable ...we start meeting in general sporadic time ...untill he told me that he fall inlove with me and need me a partner....i told him i like him also
i moved to his flate and he start teaching me slowely how to be good bottoming
we lived together for 6 year untill he suddenly went out of egypt
i write this because i need to talk ,to express my insight



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