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Questions Out of Mind 2

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Salut! et Bonne Année à tous.

Today's Questions will be about LOVE and Relationships.

1- Are they still available? or just gone with the wind?

2- Could a Gay couple be in a steady Relationship full with LOVE?

3- Why? Is it because LOVE power? or What?

4- Do you know any Gay couples that have the longest relationship? (if you are not in one right now).

5- For how long they were together?

6- (and if it ended - for how long it did last? )

7- What are the things that made them in a Relationship?

8- (and if it ended - what are the things that made them broke up? )

Wait your Answers.

and Wait my next part of Questions Out of Mind series Inchallah.


  • 1. Fell in love too many times with people who were taken. Never a good idea.
    2. YES. Why not? Many gay couples have been together for decades.
    3. Love has no gender or limits.
    4. I don't know them personally, but they are friends of friends and together for 6 years.
    5. See above ;)
    6. Not sure about theirs but most of my relationships are numbered in weeks or a few months :( takes time to find the right person.
    7. Hm... commitment to each other?

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  • 17-24_m_w_h4_f3

    thank you very much my friend for your replies BUT the 1st one you didn't get right from me.
    my question is (Are they -LOVE and Realstionship- still available? or just gone with the wind?)

    and where is the answer for the question NO. 8?


    • Oh! I thought you meant they (your crush) still available, heh sorry :) YES they are available of course. I believe in them.

      No. 8 I can't answer because they didn't break up :) that question is only if the answer to number 7 was "no they are not still together," but this couple are. I hope forever.

      What about your own answers dr?

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    • 17-24_m_w_h4_f3

      My friend Kuwaitilove I can't answer them coz I still searching for the right person :(
      and till now I didn't meet a "healthy-steady-strong" gay-relationship :(
      therefore I posted these questions!

      take care

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  • 35-50_f_w_h3_f4

    Love and relationships will always be available, but people won't, so if you have a loved one that you're not already in a relationship with, try your luck with them before it's too late. (I should start taking this advice myself.)

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    1. I'd say that they are still available. Just takes some time to meet the right person.
    2. There are many gay couples that are in a healthy and stable relationship where the love is mutual.
    3. I agree with kuwaitilove on this one.
    4. Yes.
    5. Five years
    6. -
    7. Establishing a connection and both being dedicated in making their relationship possible.
    8. -

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  • 17-24_m_b_h2_f4

    1- still available ofc
    2- gays or not , they r 2 humans in love , its the same in every monogamous relationship !!
    3- cuz it normal .... humans have relationships , so gays and lesbians can do too , right !
    4- errmmm no , i know 4 gays only , so i can't help !!!
    5&6&7&8 .......

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  • 17-24_m_w_h3_f3

    1- Still available but it doesnt matter. :(
    2- In general? yes of course. In the middle east? I doubt it.
    3- It's because the things they went through strengthens their bond, they get each other, they know the pain their partner went through.
    4- You mean like people I know personally? because that's a definite no. As I said gay relationships in the middle east are bound to fail unfortunately.
    5- ^
    6- Not that long.
    7- I dont know to be honest.
    8- Marriage mostly.

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