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I just had virtual lesbian sex

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On an online game called Second Life. I didnt have real life experience with a girl so instead I tried it virtually on that game.

Now I know its not real but..the experience was enough for me to realize how right it felt and how amazingly free I felt afterward, connecting with another woman.

I just feel like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders after that. It was amazing. Even if it was just pixel sex. The roleplaying, sexting during it was enough for my mind to vividly visualize what it could be like.

I realize now how much I really love women more than men. I feel so happy for some reason. For finally trying it I guess! Wow.

Who knows, maybe that game could help you too. It's not just for virtual sex either so check it out. .

  • 25-34_m_w_h1_f4

    thats what i did too at first and it gave me a lot of confidence to try the real thing when i finally found the right partner and lover its totally normal and sometimes even necessary to see how it feels like before you actually do it. also it gives you idea on how to actually perform! because i was really clueless before.

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  • 17-24_f_f_h3_f3

    LOL nice on your side! But seriously you guys I played a couple of MMORPG's and this has never even came across my mind XD Perhaps its different in MMORPG's as it's you're always busying with a quest or warring but in those virtual games like Second Life or Sims it makes more sense indeed.

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