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Broken Hearted !!!

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Today it''s exactely 4 years since i lost my best half,
4 years ago from today i cried my best friend , my first true love
she was perfect in every aspect of the word perfection , we knew each other since middle school we get closer that i ever get to anyone befor ,
my life wasn't pretty much an easy one but her been in it made everything worth living for !
one day when we were in high scool and we both had 17 yers old she came up to me over at my home like she use too and looked me in the eyes and said there is something i want you to know , but i'm so terrified of your reaction ! i told her that there is nothing and i mean nothing that she can ever tell and would let me for second consider breaking our friendship up , That day she told me two things that changed my life entierly , she looked so embaressed of her feeling but i told her that i understand cause i felt that way too that i thought i was the only one in that situation , we both felt relieved that e=we finally said it and i was happier than i ever could be even in the back of my mind i knew that been together publiculy might ner be a reality but i didn't really care
until i heard what she has to say next i went from been thrilled with joy to broken hearted in a link of an eye , she told me she had cancer, i can swear that time stopped for a while and i could hear my heart break to a thousand little pieces
it wasn't long after she told me about her illness that she one night gave up and died
even though it had been 4 years now but it still hurts thinking about her about what it could have been for us right now , hoping someday things would change and i could meet someone that o can all my everything again


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