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First time ever

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I still remembered I was 18 years old and he was 40 years old , I was coming from school ready to take buss home it’s was around 20 PM the weather was so hot I sweating all over my cloth so tired after long day and school and school location not never bus station and have to walk through Khartoum North market ,anyhow I was alone all my neighbor are gone and I was walking alone , I rich the bus station then our eyes somehow founded each other it’s was kind off look I never saw it before I got shy and but my eyes down he was older than me .I determent and I was curious to see what’s that look mean . So I look and him again he gives me the same look I like it then he come to me and said
He: - is there bus here to Halifah (name off neighborhood in Khartoum north (Bahri))
I said: yeah
He: - are you going there
I: - no
He: where are you going
I: Shambat
He: are you here alone
I: yeah
He: - I living alone to far from here and it’s seem like no buss come soon you want come with you to have drink and chat lil bit
Then I started worried I don’t know what’s to said I want to said no but I need to find out what’s that look mean beside he older but am taller and bigger than him , i just about to said no. He said :- don’t worry it’s take one 5 minutes you drink and will come back again we in Same road . he touch my hand and it’s was shaking and said am like you dad what’s are you afraid off .?? am not going to hurts you
Deep down I was afraid but I was full off curiously. Then I though what’s he can do to you. You bigger size than him and younger . beside no one will look after you at home dad is Expat in KSA and mother always in some neighbor home and he said only 5 minutes go and see where it’s takes you .
At that moment he Said why you looking in the ground and said nothing I told you and but going to hurt you. And he took my hand between his arm I said let’s go , somehow I never said yes or no just found myself going with him . All the way to his home he was talking about himself I was pretend I was listen to him but honestly, I was talk deep down to myself about my worried .
Are he want to me to drink water for real?
Why me there’s many people out there?
What’s that first look on his eyes me?
Then I decided to said any lie to lets him go and I go back home but it’s was to late we already in front on his home.
He open the front door and we inter to front yard then he open the second door to his sitting room it’s was lil bit dark. He turn on the light and said welcome to my home sit on that couch am like have been hypnotized I do as he said. Then he asked me what’s you like to drink coffee, tea, juice . I said just water . He said it’s your first time on my home you should drink something beside water please it’s not good I will Bering juice for you.
He went to the kitchen and I started look at his picture off Jesus hanging on the wall . then I know he is christens is was fine with me. But it’s my first time enter Sudanese from Egyptian roots homes
He comes back with water and juice sitting next to me in the couch. I was confused drink the water and the juice as fast as I can’t . He look and my face and laugh at me, and said they won’t run away from you drink slowly them I confused more and have that funny face and he laughing. Suddenly without any reason he kiss me on the lip and sad you are so cute when you are confused I like you. I shocked be the worried then I said nothing. So that gives him more courage and but him hand on my rump and his second hand on my nick and pull me to him and started kissing me like crazy. I felt him I felt his love and passionate he have . I don’t nothing it’s was worried feeling to me joy with fair. Care with worries .
Then slowly he but his hand on my dick and started squeezed I was half hard. He said I guess you dick like me much more than you cuz he show himself  . come-on don’t be shy show me some love all I said that’s forbidden I never be with man or women before he said I will make you happy come to the bedroom …..


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