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it wasn't long ago that i came to an ease with my self about who i really am
been a lesbian is not even something i could ever dare to think about or even less to ask about , but what can i do if that is who i am , i tried so hard to hide that part of me deep down to look in the other side of my life to shut down every feeling every doubt of something been wrong
as a 20 year old girl coming from an arabic country , raised on a certain way and even expected to behave in a particular way i was controlled all my life in every aspect of it till the day i decided that it will be the last time i loose control of my self and start managing my life
today i'm in a much better place coming to a peace with who i am and accepting the fact that i am a LESBIAN , all i want to do now is moving forward
i joined this community with a wish in my heart to make new friends that gonna last


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