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Felt bored ?!, Read my life's casement

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I thought about summarizing my life incidents upon here and between you.

Since the very beginning I was one of those guys that you used to hate at school, a dominating person with a spirit of a pitbull between the other kids, obviously i was so popular and fool back then.

I was keen about my sexual orientation since I was 13 years old, I even still remember that I was being seduced punch of times by a close friend back then and we made-out alot since then.

I got that sensation of loving to get dominated and to feel so passive during sex. Yeah, that was bloody far from my real personality back then.

I kept my sexual orientation as a secret enclosed between me and the other guy, therefore I started to appear so normal and cool as usual between my mates, so I entered alot of non-serious relations with girls at school. I couldn't imagine being stripped of my throne back then if any person would thought I'm bloody faggot in-front of all school's population.

I always have an artistic soul, a big fan on music, got a hardcore spirit, I was so young for showing an interest towards metal music. So I joined the the metal scene at school at first then the bigger Cairo later at my 16th, and guess what ?! we were so stupid and ignorant, we believed in a childish complex gathered Satan and Odin at one punch. We were appeared so hardcore in clothing and in dealing with our life, bit by bit we was growing-up and our points of view was heading towards wisdom with every issue we faced back then. but there was that big issue with the only me of How could I say I'm gay ?!! How could I show that damn queer ?! Which means losing a live.

I decided to bury that feeling inside me by having sexual affairs with girls, I moved from a relationship to another, that wasn't so bad to me even I've never been in a relationship lasted longer than between Hitler and Eva Braun, I kept my preferences at the deep chest.

I loved a girl SO DAMN MUCH even more than music until she cheated on me so we broke-up. Right after, I lived in HELL for a full year till one-night I decided to look deep in me for passing that out. I asked, who am I and what I want in life, I answered that in papers using a blue pen. I succeeded to understand (me). I decided to show my real face to my only world, which means I did lost the majority of my people and kept few. Time passed and life goes on so I gained many other mates and built a living that fits only (me).

So Haii, Im mickey and I'm a proud bisexual person.


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