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when you're in love with your best friend opps !

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I think all of us been through this stage when you fell in love with one of your best friends, and you start to be afraid of anything you do to him and you'll be awkwardly nice to him.
when ever he tells you that he's coming to your place you start getting this weird shiver in your body and start talking to yourself of what should you do to make him know that really like him more than a friend and open to him it's so F*&$#ing hard but then...when ever he does something nice to you or catch his eyes looking at you you think that he ACTUALLY does like you too but in fact he doesn't it's just because you're terribly in love with him and whenever he go out with girl you be so angry that you wanna bunch her in the face and he comes asks you "what do you think about her?" and I'll be like "dmmm she's nice but I think you deserve better" :'') so you keep lying to yourself that it might work and you want to de efforts but in reality you do nothing because 99.9% that your friendship will be broken after and even if you fix it you can still see the cracks .
let me talk to you about my best friend more so you can understand of what I've been through haha he is so freaking cute with his fascinating eyes and his funny character and with his cute triceps ...basically he's a ladies man so anyways I'm 100% sure that he's straight and I'm pretty sure that he kinda knows that I'm gay and I know that he has a little gay spark
but I'm just gonna be his buddy or his best friend as I always used be !

Anyways I am bisexual my guy crushes are always stronger than my girls crushes ...and specially with your best friend man that's really hard

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    It's really hard indeed, I was in love with my straight best friend for many years (still am but at this point it's just a fantasy!) We still share everything together. She knows I'm a lesbian but she doesn't know about my true feelings for her because I feel it would risk our friendship and I really can't live without her. It hurts so much when she talks to me about her dates or boyfriends, especially because I know she's way too good and special for them and they treat her really badly. I fantasize about her all the time, and each time I date someone I always wish they were her. Doing my best to get over it but it takes so much discipline!

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    the same exact thing over here !

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    If you have feelings for your best friend then you have entered the Fake Friend area. The fact that you have feelings for them factors so unfairly in the relationship. You can call them your best friend all you want but they are not your friend. They're someone you have feelings for, your crush. And you can try to get over them but as long as you are in contact with them, you will never get over them. This is not how a friendship is and that's why it's a fake friendship because real friendships are different and not filled with heartache. The good news is that you accept that these things happen- sometimes you fall for your best friend - and respect your feelings, because they are valid. Then you tell your crush how you feel, how they react and what your honest reaction to their answer will reveal the true nature of your relationship. You might end up in a relationship with them or you will say goodbye, and give yourself a chance at the kind of love you deserve to have. Friends are great to have but being emotionally dependent on them is damaging to you and your relationships.

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    Tell me about it! I have only had crushes on my very close best friends, who are 100% straight and 100% great (personality, looks and everything). But this dilemma is quite natural : when you're gay and specially when you're hiding it, you cannot know if the feelings you have for you best friend are sensational love or just platonic love between two friends! And the reason you have a crush on them is that you know them so well more than anyone else and you know how great they are and you just wanna be with them... I feel this all the time, but deep inside and for you friend you know that it will never go beyond the friend zone because he's definitely straight and he sees you in a platonic way! The worst part is not being confused about what type of love this is, but knowing that if by any chance your friend knows how you look to him it could ruin your friendship and you can loose him! We've all been there, and all we do is loving them discreetly and imagining things in our heads that will never happen, so we keep holding to them as friends because we need/love the but we keep suffering from the inside!
    Charles Aznavour has a very beautiful song about being a homosexual, he mentions in the last part the agony of loving a guy knowing that he'll never love you back and that he doesn't even know that you love him! Enjoy (just kidding, cry!) :P

    ''My masquerade comes to an end
    And i go home to bed again
    Alone and friendless
    I close my eyes, i think of him
    I fantasies what might have been
    My dreams are endless
    We love each other but it seems
    The love is only in my dreams
    It's so one sided
    But in this life i must confess
    The search for love and happiness
    Is unrequited''

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