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Future Plans

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hey all
i think we all have the same situation where we live in a homophobic country that's why most of us finds peace in this awesome place..

though, i just wanna know til when we will depend on this site to be the place where we can be ourselves ?

i really want to live as me .. in my real life .. not only here .. i want to be able to introduce my GF to my frnds , be able to come out to everyone i know without being afraid of judgement ..
so, what are your future plans ?
will you travel to a more homophilic country ?
or will u just move out when u can afford living on your own ?
tell me about ur future plans pls ..

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    I'm saving to move out and my parents are now fine with it as long as I don't leave the country. They know I don't want to be married and I just tell them that I want to focus on my career and need my space, I can't live in their house forever, and they're finally beginning to respect that. It took years of hard work and patience to convince them of this. Now it's just about finding the right place and the right time.

    I don't want to leave the country entirely because I feel no matter where we go, homophobia will always be around, of course there are places way more accepting than ours but if we live alone and do what we want in our own homes no one will be able to bother us.

    To me that's the first step to freedom, and then maybe continuing to save up so we can travel abroad, where you can be yourself without worrying about who knows you or your family or being concerned about any potential consequences.

    I hope we find a way to make it work for all of us everyone deserves to live their lives fully and honestly and blissfully.

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  • well future plans i am going transfering to another university to finish my engineering degree me and my boyfriend in rabat morocco after that i am going me and him to do phd abroad hopefully we can do it

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