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Who else living like me?

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Hey all I just wanna say im so sick and tired of the way I as a woman treated here. I'm 99.9of my life span locked up at home. I'm forbidden to wear something nice when I go out side with my family or when I used to go to college and I can't put any type of makeup not even a concealer. I'm forbidden to have any friends over forbidden to go out with friends. It was like this since I was a child. When I ask some one if I can go out they start cursing me and make me feel like a whore for wanting to go out. I just wish I had friends. I don't have anyone any more. I'm always telling myself I'm strong I can take more but to be honest I don't want to go on any more sometimes i just can't take it. I'm over 29 now and I have lived my life yet I don't know when will I start living like normal people. I feel like I'm lost forever


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