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Finding love is so hard.

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Recently I kinda started to accept my sexuality and I started understanding Homosexuality well...but now I'm having troubles again because I feel like it's almost impossible to find love between gay men it's more about sexual pleasure and now I feel like it's better to fight my homosexuality and I should because it's all wrong I just keep lying to myself and going in circles !

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    I think I speak for many people when I say we all have felt that way. Some feel that way still in their 40s and 50s even, and others were stuck in a loveless marriage for decades and now think it's impossible to find love only to be surprised later. Love comes when you least expect it and when you're not looking. Anytime I looked for love out of desperation I settled for the worst people who treated me like crap. My real loving relationships all happened when I wasn't looking for love. You end up meeting them in the most random ways and the connection is just instant. Don't worry about it too much and just trust that you will find love at one point or another. Just be sure not to settle for anyone out of desperation, wait for the right person to come along, they'll be worth it

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