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Labels we give ourselves and others

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This has been an issue that's always coming right at the beginning of any chat ,what's your label?butch,femme or maybe a tomboy.

I remember talking to that girl who asked me the same question and there was a long discussion between me and her about labels,i don't understand why we tend to limit ourselves to just a label .

That girl used to tell me that two girls who label themselves as butch can't be together but two femmes it's ok,what gave her the right to say this ,i don't know

it's like we are acting like the relationships between men and women,one has to be the man in the relationship and the other the woman.

what if i don't feel myself neither this or that i mean butch or femme,what if i am inbetween and i can't give myself a label,why does it matter for people to label themselves?

does it make them feel more secure?more accepted?i don't know really and i don't understand the whole label thing


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    How relevant!!

    Yep... Do labels make life easier or worse?

    I just finished watching 50 shAdes of grey- really dry but meh, that couple needed labels mind you. Lol.

    And indeed, the mind cannot be limited as you said.

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  • I relate to this - I think labels can be helpful if it makes you feel a greater sense of belonging or community or if it's a way to express how you really identify but they become a problem when you don't fit into any one label, in which case ditch the label, or make your own new one!

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