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homophobic friends on egypt

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Hey guys its been a long time.
So this topic is about homophobic friend we all have them dont try to deny it
When you have homophobic friends, it's not always as easy as simply ditching them and moving on

A lot of people have them, the homophobic friends who casually dismiss things they don't like by saying, "that's so gay," or who refer to gay people using offensive terms.

So what should you do about that? Sure you could choose not to be friends anymore, and that's what a lot of people do. But sometimes that doesn't always make sense.

Often the most painful homophobia comes from people who are close to us. But those people can also be the easiest to reach.

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    Hello BerryLu, It's good to set a rule for yourself not to tolerate homophobic people, but as you said "it's not always easy."

    I assume that it's only about time, until you leave the whole surrounding/social circle that you're living in now, and embrace a new one which would be more understanding/progressive. It might take some time, but I think that the problem is deeper than just one friend. It's about the closed circle that you're operating in.

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  • I agree it's not a good thing to just throw these friendships away unless you really have to. I know when I had internalized homophobia it helped me a lot when my out gay friends would firmly ask me to change what I said because it hurt their feelings - but without ditching me all together. Those sort of requests - loving but firm, caused me to shift my homophobic behavior and stop saying these things if I didn't want to hurt my friends. So I think it can be useful to engage these homophobic friends. It's hard, but if you keep it up they might eventually listen and change.

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