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Hey from Saudi!

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Hey everyone,
I just found out this splendid website today and immediately joined, I can NOT express how happy I am to find there's a website that deals with such issues. I'm a-wanna be-feminist and LGBT activist, I'm pansexual and my friend has been lesbian since she was 14 years old-when we first met. Thanks to her, I got to think outside the box and accept others at an early age but what's making me sad that when I told her than I'm attracted to girls as well as guys, she got all mad and told me *not to drag myself in such things* she's been very troubled recently since in Saudi, people are EXTREMELY homophobic and she feels like a freak and that she will go to hell, I really wish to help her and others in her shoes here in Saudi and MENA..again, hope to be part of this great community :) .

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    It's so great to see more people from the Gulf on here :) I'm in Bahrain. Welcome! It's very typical what your friend is going through, but somehow I think the more our societies feel more comfortable at least talking about it and being more aware of LGBT issues, the more tolerant a growing number of people might become. The most important thing I think is being a part of a community that understands and is going through the same things so that no one feels alone in these issues.

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      Thanks..I'm a big fan of mideastyouth , it helped me a're doing an amazing work Esra'a :) I completely agree, this website is surly a step forward

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    She's probably very scared for you and herself. It is difficult enough being a woman there and then gay as well? I can only imagine. You should introduce her to Ahwaa. The posts here really give you a lot to think about. And it'll help her think outside of the homophobic community. And welcome! Glad to have you here :)

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