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Ahwaa & The Day when everything was changed

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First of all i apologize as i suck in writing posts and picking up titles but i must write this so bear with me.

12 months ago, I've never knew that my life's gonna change that way and all of that because of my lovely partner that i met on Ahwaa. Today is our anniversary so i wanted to take this chance to tell her how much i love her and how ever since I've met her i knew the reason of my life and it's just to live for her and to be by her side so.

To my partner : "Thank you amerti for being there for me at all times and thank you for.accepting me when am all so clumsy and you being so freaking amar w a7an alb f kol el.donia. 7abebti, you're the reason of my strength and my happiness, rabena ye5leki lia and yes we might not be together this year, however am certain that next year you will be in my arms ya tag rassi. Simply you're my one and only and my once in a lifetime".

To Ahwaa: "Thank you guys for being the reason of meeting my dream girl, although i forgot my old account's email and make a new one but you guys will forgive me " .


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