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How to deal with sexual frustration?

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Hey there. 21. Saudi guy here. Bicurious. Virgin.

I've had bi curious feelings maybe since before I hit puberty I guess and ever since that time I've always had a high sex drive, knowingly that I still never been with anyone before even now.

But my desires are killing me now, they get too much, they make me too sexually frustrated and depressed and I don't know what to do about it anymore.

I'm really just lost and confused.. I dont know what I want. Everything seems like a puzzle to me that I cannot piece back.

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    Your Feelings are very normal specially being in Saudi and this age is very wild , I live in Bahrain . It's better to let loose and not stress out about these things , try to develop a relationship with some one , this way you will respect your self in addition your partner too . It will be tough but good things come to people who work hard for it ..

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  • Havin' this high sexual drive is normal as your age. You have lots of options but this options makes your confuse and makes your life complicated. Saudi Arabia for me is very complicated please unlike here in Dubai or Abu Dhabi I can say slightly liberated. Try to convert to sexual drive into something useful. I mean like doing curricular activities.

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  • I know exactly how you feel
    but don't worry everything will get better sooner or later promise !

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