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i met someone in math extra class i fall in love at the first eye contact we were looking at each other every time but i am not sure if he is gay or not i didn't do anything about it then the year ends and the class ends at this previous summer i felt emty without seeing him when we go back to school i went back to the extra math class i met him and i felt so..... his eyes ....... i can't even describe them bit after three lesson he stops the doing extra math class with me i felt so horrible he stock in my head i have his facebook but i am so scared to talk with him i am afraid of my reputation ........... u know all those stuff. one day i go to do extra physics extra class after i have finished them i go out and i SEE HIM IN THE WINDOW his house is near where i do the physics extra class but after that he doesn't appear what should i do ?? plz tell me.


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