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Questioning my sexuality

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Hi everyone , i'm new here and ehm .. i am just confused and still questioning my sexuality for 4or 5 years now . Well my childhood was pretty normal . I was a tomboy but i liked boys , then when i became a teenager i had a bestfriend and i loved her really and did not even like boys anymore , then i figured out what Lgbt means .. so after four years i forgot about her and didn't even tell her . That was 4 years, now i'm a University student i know i am still not thinking i like boys and i am not attracted to them sexually , but sometimes i find some boys really handsome . currently i am in love with another girl , the problem is that i think i am only imagining things because i was not a lesbian and i am still thinking i am not a lesbian nor bi , nor even straight . please help me and don't hate me and sorry for bothering you .

  • The way i see it, is that you're rushing to find an answer. Don't. if you like a girl, like a girl. you like a boy, also, like a boy. But in the end like someone. Just don't like them from a distance. i say talk to them. normal conversation, that kind of stuff. and then see where it goes. but just talk and don't bring up LGBT topics out randomly if your too afraid. In Arab countries, you have to be a little cautious about who you tell or bring up such subjects with. in the end, you will realize what your sexuality is without forcing it.

    From what i have seen her, you are not bothering anyone, nobody here hates you, and we are here to help

    i hope i did help

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    I'm a lesbian and I was that way too. Crushing over guys but what I noticed was that guys never broke my heart, it was the girls. They broke my heart so bad! Whatever the gender, try and see who you can find an emotional and physical connection with because that's the truth right there. You don't need a label to tell you who you can or can not love. It's OK if you are unsure, just don't shame yourself for loving whoever you love. Be honest with yourself and accept all the truths that are presented to you. There is nothing wrong with what you feel! And of course you are not bothering anyone here (Like BeirutJungler said). You are accepted and welcomed!

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