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Just a thought - A life lesson from being a lesbian

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Salaam everyone,

I've been struggling with my sexuality for a long time, and I guess it's getting better with time. This morning I was thinking about how I wish I was just straight and didn't have to go through all this. But then I realised that realising that I'm a lesbian has actually taught me a life lesson. Let me tell you what it is..

I didn't come out to any of my friends yet, so whenever we're talking and the topic of homosexuality comes up, I hear all these negative comments and a lot of disgust expressed. One common comment is "I don't think God would create someone like this, they just choose to be this way. It's abnormal. Unnatural." And I always want to scream back at them that THIS IS NOT TRUE. The fact that you haven't experienced feeling something doesn't mean that no one ever gets to feel it. They make me so angry and I'm tired of arguing with them.

However, I'm glad I'm not them. I'm glad that I'm not so close minded about things like they are. The fact that I'm a lesbian has made me more empathic when I listen to other people's stories, whether it's about homosexuality or anything else that I haven't personally experienced. I try to listen and understand how the other person is feeling and what they're going through before I pass a judgment.

Not because I didn't experience what they're feeling would it mean that they aren't really feeling this way.

I'm grateful that I got to learn this going through my own struggle. .

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    Salaam YZF,
    I personally think that to be lesbian helped me to find out my own way in life. I mean, authentic life.
    To be lesbian, helped me to question the rules and I naturally started to build my OWN personality, since the moment I CAN CHOOSE.
    Is take life as a challenge, in an active way, not observing if this or that fits in the standard. Criticizing the square that does not fit into the round hole.
    Nature has no such definite forms, only develops, evolves, it's a shame that societies do not learn from it. Nature is our role model, in my view.
    I know this kind of people you are saying, is 'the majority', is the flock, I'm also glad I'm not them, they are loosing one of the most important essence in life. This is our treasure, the freedom of our soul.
    So yes, feel grateful, also proud of that!!! Your life is unique. Enjoy it. Cheers

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    Salaam YZF and Pachamama .. Here in our country and our society it's to hard to be like you both but we all are trying here ... You can search here about lesbians in Egypt and you will see the comments .....

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    Having been a lesbian in the closet your whole life does make you feel like an outsider certainly but when it comes to sympathy and struggle, you understand it best. No wonder the LGBT community in general isn't associated with bad drama and nasty break ups as we've all at some point been hurt enough by those who see us different, we don't tend to hurt each other more.

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