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transsexual support and medical care

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hello all friends
i started MTF HRT, ( (male-to-female) Hormone replacement therapy),
its the second time i do that and the first didn't go will and end me in a hospital !!
but i i can't live like this
so i make up one's mind to start again
the thing is all article or sit's which talking about HRT , says its Required a medical care
so is there such thing in Egypt ??
i cant find any thing about it ?
and i had a bad experience with crashing on a random doctor and asked him to help
plz if any one can help.

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    im curious to know, isnt it expensive? and is there enough awareness amongst the medical community in egypt for this or is it considered taboo?

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    it's more a taboo, and I do not think that there is a culture that accepts the idea of the existence of community LGBT, and if there any one offering help, that will be on his personal responsibility, and will charge a lot

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      thats very sad. i think there are some doctors who do it but perhaps not safely because its not something that is being monitored or properly explored in this region. MIMI is there a possibility you would consider doing this abroad to be on the safe side? or anywhere else where it is acceptable? of course its very expensive but better to be safe..

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    • hi i'm salma , y've just known what transgender means and i'm scared of being so because i've always hated my body especially the top part.And i've always wanted to be a man since my childhood :/ . Also i've never felt being a female , i don't know why

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    if you're in egypt , then you should see a psychiatric first, if he diagnosed you with ( gender identity disorder ) he'll transfer you to a Medic who'll tell you what hormones to take ( estrogen for MTF - Testosterone for FTM ) and the specific doses you need, you can't just take any medication however you like, HRT ( hormonal replacement therapy ) can be dangerous and have lot of side effects - trust me, i'm a pharmacist and FTM - .

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