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Asexuals ...!

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Hello folks,

I've been an Ace my entire life, and I haven't not even once come across a single ace!
I thought homosexuality was doomed in the middle-east but as it turns out being an Ace is even a bigger disaster X_X

living in a society where pressure on the individual to get married increases by the minute. Parents that look to you and try to set you up. Friends always asking why you don't share personal stories with them like they do .... and much much more!
That is the kind of wold we sadly live-in.

sometimes i think it would be easer to just be gay, at least my chances increase of finding a date by like what %5 !!

I guess i'm just wondering if there are any aces out there who can relate? ... have any of you been able to locale aces in your area? O_O .

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    sorry can i just ask, what is it exactly to be asexual? not interested in sex at all? do you ever have urges? you never masturbate at all or do anything like that? what about falling in love? i never met an asexual before

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    No need to apologize, I'm happy to answer any questions you have,

    Hmmm Asexuality covers a broad range of terms.
    Okay so when talking about Sexual orientations, you have Hetero-Sexual, Homo-Sexual, Bi-Sexual, Pan-Sexual ....... etc.right?
    Well, in Asexuality, you have, Hetero-Romantic, Homo-Romantic, Bi-Romantic, Pan-Romantic ... etc. So as you can see the keywords here are SEXUAL vs. Romantic.

    A homo-romantic asexual girl for instance, is a lesbian (as in she likes only girls) minus the sex part :P
    But that's not always the case. Some aces have no sex drive and that's why they don't like having sex. Some aces have a sex drive and experience attraction but they just don't like having sex for different reasons. Some ace couples enjoy masturbating together, and some that don't masturbate at all.

    Now love, it's all about falling in love. People think that whenever you like someone sex has to play a part in it all. But that's not the case at all. I've been in love before (madly in love!!) and I never experienced sexual attraction to the person. You don't have to have sex with someone to love them!
    Most aces love to cuddle, they just enjoy the intimacy. and some don't even like to be touched at all !!

    I hope I didn't screw too much with your head with all this :S ... I'm kinda bad at explaining things :/
    please don't hesitate to ask if anything seems vague.

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    I was surprised to find even an LGBT social website made for those in the Middle East. And we'll they didn't exactly include us as when you go to your profile and choose your sexuality, not even non-binary genders exist except for trans and same goes for avatars. But let's say for now this website is still growing and have still a lot ahead.

    One of the problems we aces is mostly is lack of awareness about our orientation. For people existing their with our same feelings and thoughts, but have no clue that there are others who are like them and that such people who lack the desire in sex exist which is completely normal. I guess you can totally understand why and it's mostly because of the sexual world we live in. I bet that a lot of people die and not even knowing that they were aces and maybe married at some point and have kids like a straight person because that's how the society is like.

    Another reason is that aces are a very small percentage in the world and when it comes to be an aro as well the number decreases even more.

    Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone here and that I am an ace, an aro and non-binary(questioning) female at birth. Aan, nice to meet you! ^-^

    By the way, I liked the way you explained it!

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    Hello aan & elyria

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    semi-asexual/aromantic here

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