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do you know how hard it is to be a cd or a Androgyny ?

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hello all
am MIMI, am gay and proud to be one, and am a CD, which is a woman soul in male body and that is the mean i mean!

for sure we all know that gay person is forbidden in this part of the world , and he or she mast live in secret or face the hill . and we live with it till now.

but did any one of you all think how hard is it to be a CD, well let me tell you.

first i want you all to know that in this moment am i a big fancy hotel room in our capital sting on the balcony facing our great river , and that is a wonderful view.
and am wearing a 1800 pound dress, my firing red wig, a special hand made red high hell, putting on a drag queen makeup matching my dress color, and some accessory's
why am saying that?
do you know how hard for a male living in a community like this, to do all that ?
to live as a male and blend in as one but beneath this clothes there is a woman, hiding for her safe and fighting for her survive,
with out any help from any one
i had to learn to
put on make up
how to buy make up that fit me
how to buy cloths, size, style and brand
how to take care of my body and beauty
and the most important thing is to do all that with out any one know !
i don't know why i wrote all that but i felt that i need to talk .

  • Hi MIMI, as long as you're happy with yourself that's all that matters! Happiness, confidence and optimism is the best reaction to any society or community or even family members who don't accept us for who we are.

    Sorry if it's too much of a personal question but does your family accept you as you are?

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    thank you KUWAITILOVE
    and , i did say that no one know about MIMI( my fem soul ), no family, nor friend's, or any body
    except my gay's friend which am trust them with my soul

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    Yes. It is hard. No doubt about that for sure but ask yourself now if you please, do you REALLY have to be a CD in a society that you do know very well is not very tolerant of it ? Why do we have to put ourselves willingly in uneasy situations in the first place ? Let them accept 1 thing at a time.

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      will DELUSIONS
      i am don't understand what u mean!!
      but i don't do what i do for fun or to let any one knowing, that's all for my self and for fill my Desiree's only, and if you talking about facing the world and start transforming will that is a high dream for me and i not that courage to do such thing !!

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    You can still be yourself in a way that does not compromise your safety, I think.

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    but that is an important way for mimi to express herself. to her its her true identity. she feels like a woman and she wants to celebrate it, nothing wrong with that. its hard to delete a person's identity. we shouldnt just sit back and watch society define everything for us. sometimes we have to take it into our own hands.

    LGBT is not just about gays and lesbians but its also about sexuality and gender rights. we should support mimi in that. shes not harming anyone, shes only challenging society's intolerance to people who express their identity/sexuality/whatever differently. i support her in that right.

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