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I Started on Hormones Today

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I took my first step towards my true identity today .. I am excited ... and terrified.

After months of research, thinking and hesitating, I took my first 3 pills today. My aim is to not turn completely into a girl, just feminize my body more.

I am terrified .. Shaking while writing these words.

Pray for me .

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    those are some pretty serious side effects is there a way to do this with a balance

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    @Anonymous .. No there isn't, my plan is actually a mild one, it should be more severe than that. Hormones has to be taken with an anti-androgen, this drug suppresses Testosterone by forcing your body to stop producing it. I don't use it. I only take synthetic estradiol. And don't worry about the side effects, mostly they are psychological, because as a man you are experiencing how a women's body work, that's heavy.

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  • hey! even if you feminized your body more, you need to keep taking those hormones forever.. and that can lead to cancer if you didn't undergo sex reassignment surgery, did you start those hormones without a doctor advice ? cause i believe you did, i personally wouldn't give hormones to someone who's not undergoing sex reassignment surgery.

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