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Last January I came here looking for acceptance and help for my problem.

Long story short i was in love with my bestfriend for almost a year and didnt know what to do about it. Well 4 months later that bestfriend became my gf. I came out to her and she accepted me then i confronted her with my feelings and discovered that the feelings were mutual. All of this happened with the help and support of one awesome girl i met in this place. A girl who is my bestfriend till this day.

I later broke up with this gf. (The only reason i mentioned this is that i came here too desperate to get be with the girl i love and didnt stop to ask my self "is she right for me?")

The conclusion of this story is that this place is full of amazing and helpful. Some of which will end up being all the support you need to go through your life and face your problems.

Trust each other a little more not everyone here is out to get you. I'm not saying be stupid and go out with total strangers. what I'm trying to say is give people a chance. If you're too afraid to come out, this place is perfect to introduce you to an LGBT community while maintaining anonymity.

Just know that you're not alone. Your situation is not as bad as it seems. We've all been there. And it gets better .


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