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hello ahwaa, this mimi

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hello all
am MIMI.. i am a CrossDresser, gay, been like that for more than a 20 year
i am 37 year's old, am an engineer, am very successful in my work.

i was marred to a female ( who didn't know about my secret ), and i do my best to avoid any catastrophe,
some one may think am a cheater or unfair to her !!
really am from a society that can force you to get marry for that is the tradition, and i cant say am a gay-male (can get killed for saying that ).

and am not bisexual am a gay, so she live with a fact that i have a problem, and she live with it
and i respect her and cherish her .

I been gay since i was 14 years old, i found my self attract to boys, and all my friends were girls, i feel more comfortable in hangout with girls more than boys,
so i was hear them talking about there bf and the boys of there dreams and what they like and dream about boys, and that was very helping in my personal building, sure some of those girls was and still my best friends and my secret keeper's
my first love or relation was an older boy was living in our neighbor and i was very attracted to him, every time i see him i feel butterfly in my stomach, and he was notes me and asks some of the girls about me and why am looking blushing when i see him, tell we talk and i told him that i like him, ( then i didn't know what gay mean , i just know that i am a girl in boy body as my friends say ).

so he didn't reject me, but he says that is wrong and he will be my friend if i will be a boy not a girl
but after a year or more he said i love you and he started to deal with me as his gf
and he show me real love
and our relation last for more than 9 year's till he had an accident and died,
it was a black year for me, 6 month in a psychiatric hospital, and 3 years using drugs
will 3 time suicide attempts, but at last i come over it and life goes on
will every thing else in my life is hocas bocas.


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