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relationship matters?

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I used to fall in love after the first few kisses. And get along with the fact that my love ends right after both of us have an orgasm.

Now I can't fall in love, I have weapons surrounding me. Once someone gets close, I just fire. Can't handle it, I'm loosing my life without a partner. Plus the trust-issues I have. As I have to put the person I'm talking to in multiple quizzes to understand how he thinks so I can meet with him.
Once a meeting start and sex ends, I just get back home, and hit delete.
Not sure how to end up this mess and get back to normal again.

Now I have no problems, no worries about anyone, no jealousy issues. In short - no relationship annoying problems. But in the mean time I miss a partner. Mesh la2y 7ad Gambia ankosho as I used to.


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