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Lost and confused

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Hey guys, so im 22 years old I am a successful person academically and in work. I like to think im fairly good looking, I also like to think that I have a good heart and an interesting personality ( I hate saying all of this but its relevant to the issue here )
So I believe that I am a good catch.
However, until this moment I have not had a relationship, is it me? Am I so horrible ? I see my friends who I think have nothing better that I dont have getting into serious long lasting relationships with thier girlfriends/boyfriends or theyre straight getting engaged or married.
This is really depressing.
I think theres something wrong with me and I cannot see it.
I have stopped looking for love for years and people say that what brings it to you, all I got was disappointing shallow dates or a friends with benifits kind of situation.

I have been thinking of travelling to continue my education, but I believe this curse will hunt me forever .

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    Don't doubt yourself ever =) I'm very happy to see you confident about your achievements. As long as you're comfortable with who you are, the right person will come along and realize how lucky they are to have found you. Relationships are hard, so also don't settle for the first person to ask you out just because they showed some interest. You deserve someone to fall in love with, not just waste time with for the sake of not feeling lonely (or they could be friends and not more.)

    I made the mistake of getting into many relationships out of loneliness, and not out of love, and it was really a headache. Some ended on a really bad note, while others were very dramatic (threats, hateful messages, nonstop calls, etc.) You don't want that negativity in your life. You need the right kind of positive passion, and that takes time.

    My question to you would be: are you outgoing? Do you meet new people every month?

    Sometimes I see other friends of mine have the same thoughts but they are sheltered and never leave the home and are too shy to start a conversation, so that makes it impossible for them to get out of their comfort zone and put themselves out there to meet someone they feel something for.

    You have also have to be careful not to fall for people who are very unavailable (already in relationships or straight) because I made that mistake many times... sometimes even while I was in a relationship with someone else.

    Keep your chin up and high and the best will happen =)

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    First, thank you so much for taking the time to reply means alot to me.

    I happen to be very confident and outgoing, to some extent. I have been however rather busy building my education and my future, maybe that has slowed down the process. I meet new people on a regular basis, they're just not the right kind of people ( not many from LGBTQ community or not even supporters ).
    It's very hard to meet people because i tend to have my own interests at things most people wouldn't find interesting, the LGBTQ community here ( in UAE ) share the same DNA its depressing lol

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    meeting the right people is hard, but as long as you are focusing on your future and going out often enough then its just a matter of time patience goes a long way in relationships. trust me because each time i break up it takes me many years to find a new person. and they are alwaaaaays worth the wait

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  • It sounds like you're doing all the right things and it's only a matter of time before someone who's worthy of you finds you! It's a hard balance between putting yourself out there/asking people out/looking for people to date and focusing on developing your own self and it sounds like you've been doing both which is great. In my experience love finds you when you least expect it so keep putting out your hopes, meeting new people, and investing in your self and it's only a matter of time! I know it can be hard to trust that it will happen, but it will! Wishing you the best .

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    Update: I found the love of my life. :')

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